Back in February, Instagram finally lets its users to upload photo albums. However, that feature was missing an important component — and it’s now been added.

The Instagram photo album feature used to force you to upload pictures and videos in the old, square format. This limiting factor will not only crop your photo but it greatly ruins its framing as well.

But now, Instagram will finally let you create albums in either landscape or portrait format. No more cropping. No more ruining of frames.

However, there’s still a minor drawback. Like I said you can only use “either” landscape or portrait format. This means that you have to stick to a single orientation throughout the entire album.

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My quick suggestion to this is to use a photo-squarer app. It lets let’s you have your pictures, despite the format, inside a square by adding bars on the sides. This will make the photo consistent for the album, but might not be that aesthetically pleasing.

Either way, this update is still acceptable. For most photographer who uploads their pictures in landscape anyway, we know you’ve been waiting for this — I know I do.

Source: Instagram (Twitter)

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