Vastly improving upon the current 7nm A13 Bionic chipset, Apple is setting the bar higher when it releases the A14 Bionic which leaker, @komiya_kj, claims to be significantly faster in both CPU and GPU performance.

At 40% and 50% improvement, respectively, in comparison, the A14 Bionic is indeed going to revolutionize the way we see computing, especially from Apple products that will come with it. This means new products such as the highly-anticipated iPhone 12 and, possibly, the first ever ARM-powered 12-incher, MacBook and MacBook Pro 13.

iphone x smart postpaid

Meanwhile, Huawei is similarly taking the same route with its Kirin 1000, which is its in-house 5nm chipset—a final hurrah of Huawei before dropping the chip-making business in favor of possibly using Qualcomm’s due to the still ongoing tension with the US government.

While still uncertain, the Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset is presumed to make an official appearance in September 2020.

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