Blackberry needs a lot of catching up to do with its soaring competitors like Android, iOS, and the upcoming Windows Phone 8¬†crowding of the marketplace. Now, here’s an alleged leak on how would the Blackberry OS 10 look like. However, the video was very short and it didn’t have the chance to reveal anything that we would be excited about. Watch the video below.

Blackberry OS 10 Leaked Photo


Blackberry OS 10 Leaked Video

Well, what can you say? The video didn’t gave us anything to write about and the only detail that was clear was the 1800mAh battery capacity as stated in the caption. Also, we should note that this is not the final version yet so improvements will definitely be made. This video is probably a teaser by Research in Motion to give them some hype over the growling Android and iOS clash. We’ll probably here more about this rumor in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

[ Source: Gizmodo ]

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