Surface Phone

Will Microsoft deliver on the Surface phone?

We don’t know. But popular leaks source Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) has tweeted this photo of a sleek Windows-powered smartphone.

From the looks of it, it seems like it’s a Surface concept phone that’s not meant for production. But who knows, the bezel-less Mi Mix already went on sale today – and that’s a concept device too.

Blass notes that it’s powered by a laptop-class Intel processor and the photo shows that it’s edgeless on the sides.

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“Would this have blown your mind?” Blass asked in his tweet. We’re not sure if this means that the project was already scrapped, but it suggests to be that way.

After all, having a laptop-class Intel chipset and full Windows OS on a smartphone would definitely roast it.

Continuum is interesting and it has its own use cases, but it never really took off when the hype dwindled down. This is probably because of the lack of apps support for Windows Phone that hasn’t really improve over the years.

In on my opinion, I think it’s not happening. At least not yet. Let’s hope Microsoft can get their heads up and release a proper Windows smartphone.

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