Are you having issues with your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi? The modem looks perfectly fine, but you still can’t connect to the internet? Well, your connection might be having a SIM card problem.

There’s actually no repairing a SIM card hardware and the only thing you can do is replace it. Thankfully, a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFI SIM replacement is completely free. Here’s how.

How to request a free Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi SIM replacement

There are two ways to request a SIM card replacement. First, you can go to your nearest Globe store and ask a representative for assistance. Second, you can request online at the convenience of your home — that’s what we’ll show you today.

Step 1: Contact Globe at Home by sending a message through its Facebook page or by going directly here:

Step 2: Tell them that you’re requesting a new SIM card. A representative may ask for an active mobile number that will be used to contact you about your request.

You can also ask the representative if your account is still active or valid and/or what is the possible reason why your Home WiFi Prepaid SIM has stopped working.

Step 3: Once settled, all you have to do is to wait for your brand-new SIM card.

Step 4: Once you’ve received your SIM, wait the message from Globe detailing how you can install the new SIM card to your Home Prepaid WiFi modem.

Step 5: After the SIM is installed, register your number on your GlobeOne app. This app lets you subscribe to promos and check your data usage and remaining balance.



Globe Prepaid WiFi SIM replacement fee

As stated earlier, Globe is offering the SIM replacement completely free. From the SIM itself up to the delivery, you don’t have to shell out any money.

How to check if my Globe at Home account or SIM is still active?

If you’re not sure about the status of your Globe at Home account or SIM, the best thing to do is to contact a customer representative and have them check it for you. You can do so by messaging the Globe at Home Facebook page.

How to install a new Globe at Home SIM?

If you requested a free SIM replacement from Globe, they will send you a message containing instructions on how you can install the new SIM to the WiFi modem yourself. The instruction should also contain how you can do the process without breaking the warranty seal.

We hope this tutorial helped you get your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi working again. If you have further questions, we’ll try to answer them in the comments below.

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