Ookla just released its Speedtest Global Index for June 2023 baring results similar to what we’ve been seeing before.

As expected, Smart Communications is still number one in the mobile internet market in terms of speeds. It was able to record a median download speed of 35.39Mbps, easily beating Globe with 22.68Mbps and DITO at 19.69Mbps.



Overall, the Philippines stays at the 83rd spot in the global ranking of the countries with the best mobile internet speeds with an average of 26.98Mbps for download, 6.18Mbps for upload, and latency of 23ms.


Ookla also listed the fastest smartphones where users achieved the fastest speeds. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is on top with 89.31Mbps and 8.77Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively. The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in second place, followed by the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


The analytics firm also showed a glimpse of the Philippines’ fixed broadband status for June 2023. From what it looks like, the country is down two spots as it’s now #47 in the global ranking. The median download and upload speeds from the said period were 92.84Mbps and 93.12Mbps, respectively, with a latency of 6ms.

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