Telco giant PLDT announced that its Home UNLI Fibr and Fibr Plus subscribers will get speed upgrades for free.

The PLDT Home UNLI Fibr free upgrades will add up to 400Mbps of additional speeds to users. The biggest gainers are the UNLI Fiber Plan 3799 and Fiber Plus Plan 4099, which now offer 600Mbps of speeds from 200Mbps.

Meanwhile, the cheapest option, the Fiber Plan 1699, will now come with 50Mbps, that’s 15Mbps more from the previous 25Mbps. PLDT has also introduced new 1000Mbps plan for both Fibr and Fibr Plans line. You can check the updated speeds below.

PLDT UNLI Fibr Plan 169935Mbps50Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plan 209950Mbps100Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plan 2699100Mbps300Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plan 3799200Mbps600Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plan 94991000Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plus Plan 239950Mbps100Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plus Plan 4099200Mbps600Mbps
PLDT UNLI Fibr Plus Plan 99991000Mbps

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For new users, you ought to know that the standard Unli Fibr Plan come with a PLDT landline with unlimited calls to other PLDT numbers. Meanwhile, the PLDT Fiber Plus plans come with the same freebie, as well as three (five for the Plan 9999) mesh WiFi access points.

PLDT Home’s fiber service for home-based business, the PLDT Asenso Fibr, is also getting an upgrade with up to twice the speed boost.

PLDT Asenso Fibr Plan 159935Mbps50Mbps
PLDT Asenso Fibr Plan 209950Mbps100Mbps

The Asenso plans also comes with unlimited calls to PLDT landline, as well ass business-centric features like free backup WiFi and access to PLDT’s e-commerce solutions.

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  1. It’s good to hear that PLDT plans to upgrade, at no additional cost to its customers, the bandwidth speed for internet connectivity for subscription plans being offered across the board. Has PLDT mentioned when these plans will be implemented? Would you know when these plans would take effect and more importantly, when would PLDT subscribers start benefiting from those plans? Thank you