The ‘Internet of Possibilities’ by PLDT and Smart was introduced through the brand’s B2B arm PLDT Enterprise.

In a press release, the telco revealed that the PLDT, Smart Internet of Possibilities is meant for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and deployment both for its consumer and enterprise subscribers.

The announcement was made during the Philippine Digital Convention 2021. It’s said to be the first in the country and will help promote IoT solutions in different sectors and industries.

It is a unified platform to be used for effective management of usage and connectivity of different connected IoT devices within a business or enterprise. This will integrate existing business processes into a common and open platform, which can churn out insights and data that can be used to help grow businesses.

As per PLDT and Smart, their Internet of Possibilities will help industries to have full control, visibility, transparency, and self-care of their connected IoT devices. Through this, businesses will have better time and resource efficiency as they can automate workflows.

As an example, PLDT says that a transportation/logistics company can easily set up and activate a fleet of connected vehicles anywhere in the country via a single interface.


Sectors that can benefit from this include those who are in health care, education, manufacturing, and even consumers.

Internet of Possibilities is part of Smart and PLDT Enterprise’s move to help digitalize the business sector in the Philippines.

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