The average Internet speed in the Philippines continues to improve, and that’s due to internet service providers upping their game when given enough pressure. Leading the pack is PLDT Home, which currently offers Fibr plans with up to 1000 Mbps.

The new Fibr Plus Plans from the country’s fastest ISP are available in these options:

PLDT Fibr Plus plans

  • Plan 2399 – 50Mbps
  • Plan 2999 – 100Mbps
  • Plan 4099 – 200Mbps
  • Plan 6099 – 600Mbps
  • Plan 9999 – 1000Mbps

Each Fibr Plus plan comes bundled with a Wi-Fi mesh network to give you a seamless digital experience throughout your home. Regardless of which plan you get, you’ll be given three mesh points as well as a landline.

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Also worth mentioning is that PLDT Home boasts symmetrical speeds. So if you get the plan 1000 Mbps, you get that speed for both download and upload. The regular Fibr plans have six options:

PLDT Fibr Unli plans

  • Plan 1699 – 35Mbps
  • Plan 2099 – 50Mbps
  • Plan 2699 – 100Mbps
  • Plan 3799 – 200Mbps
  • Plan 5799 – 600Mbps
  • Plan 9499 – 1000Mbps

These plans only come with a landline with unlimited calls to other PLDT landlines. Both Fibr Plus and Fibr plans have no installation and activation fees.

To apply for a plan, head to PLDT Home’s Fibr or Fibr Plus page, select your desired plan, and click Apply Now. You’ll be asked to locate your area for a coverage check. With PLDT’s extensive nationwide rollout, your home is most likely covered. Don’t forget to have a valid ID with signature.

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