The average speed of fixed broadband Internet in the Philippines has more than doubled since the start of the year, according to the June 2021 Ookla Global Speedtest Index.

Last month, the country sat at an average 66.55 Mbps download speed, a significant jump from the 32.78 Mbps average in January. The average upload speed similarly improved, from 31.75Mbps to 66.86Mbps within the same period. The improvement has the Philippines bump up three spots in global rankings, now at 62nd place.


The average mobile Internet speed in the Philippines also increased, albeit not as impressive. From 25.77Mbps in January, the average speed increased by 27 percent to 32.84Mbps in June.

The average mobile upload speed in the country saw the least improvement, from 6.29Mbps to 8.92Mbps in the same period. The country currently ranks 75th globally in mobile Internet speeds, up two places since May.

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