SKYcable is launching Oplan Kontra Putol in a bid to mitigate the issue of the intentional cutting of cable wires for their copper parts that are done for profit by unscrupulous individuals.

Far from an individual effort, SKY is teaming up with multiple telcos, pay-TV, and internet service providers in an organized effort to curb the crime by implicating perpetrators, per SKY COO Claudia Suarez.

Additionally, SKY is also coordinating with the local authorities into putting a close watch on the streets and the barangays for said shady activities round-the-clock to prevent them, per SKY’s Head of Network Operations RJ Licup.



Likewise, Licup is urging the public to join in on the campaign by taking an active effort to make a report to the company in case of being an active witness to the petty crime for an immediate response.

Punishable by law via RA10515 or Cable Theft Law, anyone caught intentionally cutting a cable is liable for imprisonment of two to five years or be charged a hefty fine based on the discretion of the court.

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