Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) recently announced the first-ever 5G-supported gaming center in the country. Located at Gariath Concepts esports venue in Quezon City, the place can reach a speed of as much as 1Gbps.

The venue was used by PLDT-Smart Omega athletes against Team LuponWxC in the DoTA 2 match through cloud gaming. The PLDT-Smart team won a landslide with a score of 34-6.


Cloud gaming is one of the highlights of 5G technology. With this, players can play using cloud servers instead of the usual local devices. This means that anyone can play using any gadgets regardless of location as long there is an internet.

Smart said that its goal is to make 5G more accessible to Filipinos. The company added that it is working on improving its systems and to even bring 5G-powered devices to Filipinos.

What do you think? Are you excited for 5G in the country?

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