The Eraserheads (minus Ely)

Smart Communications Inc. has unveiled its first ever Smart flagship store located in SM Megamall.

Dubbed as the ‘most advanced mobile hub’ in the Philippines, it aims to enhance the customer experience and be more efficient in handling transactions and inquiries.

With its state of the art design, the company also hopes to improve the overall retail experience in the store, to make it easier for subscribers to discover new and exciting promos.


The Smart flagship store is equipped with tons of touch screen displays that subscribers can interact with to check and compare smartphone specifications, apply for a new plan, or renew an existing subscription. An interactive and immersive experience awaits those who will check out Smart’s most advanced store in the country. It’s powered by a video syncing technology that enables multiscreen design on panoramic walls – a first for a telecommunications company in Sout East Asia.

Probably the best feature of the new Smart store is the self-service section. People can easily manage their accounts, avail and remove services, and a lot more in just a few clicks. With this, customers quickly address their concerns (if it’s not complex) without needing to talk to a customer representative. Previously, customers would need to take a number and wait for their turn.


There’s also a music hub where people can build playlists and upload it directly to their Smart Life account by signing in with their credentials. It will become immediately accessible to their mobile device by browsing to the Smart Life mobile app.

A gaming hub with a Virtual Reality headset is also inside. Customers can try it out to get a feel of VR. But despite all the interactivity of the Smart flagship store, the company’s representatives will still be around in case the customers need assistance. The store is really spacious and customers can freely relax while waiting for their turn.

Smart has said that they’re planning to transform and improve more stores across the country soon.

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