Smart Communications announced that it’s bringing back the Double Data for Prepaid Home WiFi customers.

The Smart Prepaid Home WiFi Double Data return is right on time as most families are entering another school year at home and will continue to work in remote areas.

Smart Prepaid Home WiFi is an easy, plug-and-play solution for those who want to have a WiFi connection at home to share with the entire family. You can easily get data connection by registering to PLDT FamLoads and Smart GIGA promos with the right data allocation and validity for your needs.

Now, select data promos have been doubled for the users’ demanding needs.

There’s the Famload Video 999 that now comes with 140GB of open access data from the usual 70GB. It also comes with 1GB of YouTube Everyday allocation for 30 days.

It also works with Famload Video and Video Plus 199, 599, and 1499. Plus, double data on GIGA and GIGA Pro offers. You can get twice the data allocation on GIGA Video 50, 99, 299; GIGA Video Pro 199 and 999; GIGA Stories 50, 99, and 999; and GIGA Stories Pro 199 and 199; and others.

You can register on such promos via Smart’s GigaLife App.

Along with this comeback, the company is also offering a 50% discount on Prepaid Home WiFi devices from June 25 to July 15, 2021. You can get them on Smart Online Store, PLDT and Smart Stores, through Smart’s official stores in Shopee and Lazada, and in select partners nationwide.

With this promo, you can get devices like the Prepaid Home WiFi Advance for only Php995 (from Php1,995)

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