Smart Communications, one of the biggest telcos in the Philippines, has its own rewards program for its loyal subscribers.

Called Smart Rewards, it aims to incentivize subscribers who continue to transact with their accounts. You can earn points and redeem them in a couple of ways. Here’s a complete guide to give you everything you need to know.

What is Smart GigaPoints?

GigaPoints is simply Smart’s term for its rewards points. One GigaPoint is equivalent to Php1.00.


How to earn Smart Rewards GigaPoints?

You can earn GigaPoints by reloading, availing Smart promos, paying bills, and through surprise and seasonal promotions. Although, call and text card reloading and bills payment done outside of the GigaLife app will not earn you GigaPoints.

Who can earn GigaPoints?

Those who can earn and redeem GigaPoints are subscribers of Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro, TNT, Smart Signature, Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro Postpaid, and PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi.

How to register to Smart Rewards

According to Smart’s official website, there’s no need for registration or enrollment to enter the GigaPoints reward system.

Can I still use MVP Rewards while I have Smart Rewards?

Yes. You can continue accumulating and redeeming MVP Rewards if you have other rewards accounts from other companies.

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How much GigaPoints can I earn per transaction?

The amount of GigaPoints you will earn depends on the amount of the transaction and whether you’re doing it within or outside the GigaLife app.

TransactionGigaPoints Earned
Reloading within GigaLife app:
Below Php99
Php99 and above

Reloading in Smart Online Store, 7/11,
PayMaya, Grab, Shopee, Lazada,
Loading Partners (R-UMB, KPA):

Below Php100
Php100 and above

Subscribe to prepaid promo on GigaLife app:
Promos worth below Php99
Promos Php99 and above

Pay your postpaid bills on time via the GigaLife app,
get 1% GigaPoints of the billed and paid amount
Smart will release seasonal and surprise promotions
that will earn you GigaPoints.

How much GigaPoints can I earn?

Users can earn up to 500 GigaPoints every month.

How to check my GigaPoints balance?

There are two ways to do this. First, you can easily check your balance through the GigaLife app. Alternatively, you can dial *123# to see your GigaPoints (GPT) faster.

Where can I use my GigaPoints?

You can use your GigaPoints to redeem Smart Rewards. You can redeem a reward for as low as 50 points.

Where can I redeem Smart Rewards / GigaPoints?

Redemption can be done via the GigaLife app. To do so, open and the app proceed to the Redeem Rewards / GigaPoints section and pick the reward you want to avail.

What Smart Rewards I can redeem?

Per Smart’s official website, you can use your GigaPoints to redeem Smart and TNT promos, which include the popular GIGA line. Here’s a list of all Smart promos for your reference. Do note that not all promos are available as of the moment.

Is Smart Rewards GigaPoints work on TNT

Yes. Since they’re from the same company, both Smart and TNT share the same rewards program.

Does GigaPoints have expiry date?

Yes. Last June 2021, Smart updated its GigaPoints expiry policy. Unredeemed points will expire after six months. The expiry is scheduled for the 30th or 31st day of the 6th month.

For example, if you earned 100 points last January 24, 2021, it will have an expiry date of September 30, 2021. Smart is also following a first-in-first-out basis. Meaning, when you redeem GigaPoints, it will be deducted to the points that are expiring sooner, so nothing goes to waste.


Can I share GigaPoints to other numbers?

Yes. Smart calls it Pasa Points.

Who can transfer and receive Pasa Points?

Smart says all of their prepaid subscribers can transfer and receive GigaPoints. That includes Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid, TNT, and PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers. The ones exempted are the postpaid users, which includes Smart Signature, Smart Postpaid, and Smart Bro Postpaid subscribers.

How much GigaPoints I can transfer and is there a limit?

Users can transfer as low as 5 GigaPoints. An account can only send or receive a maximum of 100 GigaPoints per month.

How can I transfer GigaPoints?

You can do Pasa Points using the GigaLife app under the GigaPoints section. There’s a transaction fee of only Php1.00, which will be deducted from your prepaid load.

Well, basically that’s it. If you have any questions about Smart Rewards and GigaPoints, put them in the comments below and we’ll try to answer them or update this article.

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  1. I would appreciate it if you could look into the reason why my account has not been accruing any giga points ever since. I stop by Giga Points, where I can break down and hit

  2. Hi. I’ve been trying to transfer my gigapoints from my PLDT # to my cellphone #. I visit giga points break down and hit pasaload. Enter my number and even link it since whenever I hit continue… it says ” what do you want to do?” And just shows my number. Please help me out.

  3. I would like to check as to why my account is not earning any giga points ever since. I already renewed my plan twice and upgrade plan, also pay my bills ahead of time. I also registered to data boosters but I still do not get any rewards points. May I request to check this please and credit all the points that were missed out. Thanks

    Faith Gil Torres

  4. I have 40 giga points and P21.50 load.
    Can i combine these to redeem a P50 promo?
    Or can i convert the giga points to regular load so as to avoid expiry this march 21, 2022.