Local telco Smart Communications have issued a warning against SIM hijacking that’s been rampant in the local industry.

For those who are unfamiliar, a SIM take-over happens when someone attempts to transfer a SIM mobile number to another using social engineering techniques. Smart calls it a “virtual version of budol-budol” that’s also known as SIM-hijacking or SIM-jacking.


Once your SIM number has been hijacked, a cybercriminal can use it to uncover one-time passwords and other access points that will allow them to hack into your email, online accounts, or worse, online banking accounts and e-wallets.

Smart explains that they use a pinless process that cross-checks and matches a user’s mobile number and their device’s 16-digit IMEI number. This means that a new SIM can only be activated when plugged into the same device that the previous SIM was used.


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The telco giant also assures its customers that they are committed to keeping their data safe at all times. Smart says that they have a validation process that can even identify the customers coming to their physical stores.

Also known as the SIM Swap fraud, you can be safe from this scam by following these steps.

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