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Possible underwater cable issue might delay DITO’s promises, says UP prof


It looks like DITO Telecommunity’s promise to provide a new and faster internet option to the Philippines might be delayed due to submarine cable issues, a U.P. professor suggests.

As per Glen Imbang, a professor at the University of the Philippines, Facebook Inc. and Google’s plans to make an underwater cable connecting the United States and Hong Kong have been scrapped. Imbang suggests that this poses a big problem to the upcoming third-telco in the Philippines.

It explains that the supposed cable will transmit data from various parts of the world and will pass through Taiwan and here, the Philippines.

The plan was scrapped by the tech giants behind it due to the cybersecurity concerns that the US’ Trump administration have against China.

Imbang added that if DITO decides to build its own submarine cable, the rollout timeline will suffer. If you remember, DITO promised to provide 27Mbps of internet speeds to 37% of the population in its initial year of operations.

Albeit, network security analyst William Emmanuel Yu of Ateneo de Manila University disagrees with Imbang. Yu said that the decision is not made yet, but if the submarine cable is indeed canceled, there are other cable routes available that DITO can opt to purchase.

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Apparently, the tech giants haven’t completely scrapped the cable plan and have created a new one that’s greatly similar to the original one.

Still, it’s not clear if the cable will be live once DITO launches on January 2021.

Source: PhilStar


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