If you’re thinking of running a career as a YouTube personality, but still do not know where to start; let Ryan Kaji be a source of inspiration. The nine-year-old YouTuber is still the highest-paid star of the previous year with close to $30 million.

You’ve read that right: Kaji—just nine years old—is already earning millions with his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World, and is even surpassing his earnings from the past years. The young boy earned his keep and his fame through his toy unboxing videos, and according to Forbes, he has made $29.5 million from these content.

Did we mention he also has his own Nickelodeon show? It is currently on its third season last March, and although how much he earns there is vague to the public, we are guessing it also earns millions.

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So, where did this rising star begin? Kaji started his YouTube channel way back in 2015, and since then he has been making money. The following year (2016), he has reportedly made as much as $11—making him the eighth highest-paid YouTube star at that time. By 2018 though, the promising young YouTuber boosted his earnings to $22 million. This also made him closer to topping the other YouTubers in the said platform.

About the channel, it initially started with the name ‘Ryan’s Toy Review’, but was renamed to what is known now as ‘Ryan’s World.’ It currently has 27.8 million subscribers with 44.1 billion views to boot. If you expect a nine-year-old to run everything, that would be difficult on his part; so, his supportive parents and loyal team is there to help. Together, they are running 8 more channels among which includes Spanish and Japanese language.

Since it’s an unboxing video of branded toys, each show also leans toward a partnership with the brands to ensure the merchandise gets across the viewers.

So, look no further for inspiration because if a boy and his toys can go a long way, so can you too.

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  1. This is a great achievement, and most importantly how simple content has become so interesting and useful for a specific audience. I think he had great marketing, what is his success