Unboxing Parody

Video reviews of gadgets are very popular on YouTube and just about anyone with a camera can make one these days. However a lot of them can be pretty crap. Whether you love them or hate them, here’s one that you’ll surely find funny though. It’s a unboxing parody of a bunch of calculators. Yep, calculators.

The video unboxes three of the most common calculators you can probably get at any bookstore. It runs down the complete set of features, such as number of digits displaced and mathematical functions that can be performed. Heck, there’s even a drop test.

It’s actually a very good job done by the folks over at Numberphile. It would probably pass as a pretty decent video unboxing if it weren’t about, you know, calculators. Still, I found it pretty fascinating and funny, and I hope you guys do as well.

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  1. Now it looks ridiculous, although it has its share of benefits and even its own audience for this video. Good reviews can help you buy the right product