How much does it cost to replace the ear cushions of the AirPods Max? If you were to buy here in the Philippines, a pair of replacement cushions will set you back ₱3,890.

While the date of availability has yet to be revealed, the Apple AirPods Max over-ear headphones have been officially confirmed for the Philippines at ₱32,990. Likewise, the extra ear cushions will also be sold in the country but there’s no announced date yet.

Available colors for the cushion replacements are silver, black, green, sky blue, and red. The price is admittedly expensive (hey, it’s Apple), but the cushions are made of high-quality materials.

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The Apple AirPods Max ear cushions use acoustic memory foam with a breathable knit mesh. It’s also designed so that pressure is evenly spread, and the headphone remains comfortable to wear for long periods.

And as you can see around 40 seconds into the official AirPods Max introduction video, the large, oval-shaped cushions are magnetically attached. Swapping the old pair for a new one should be a cinch. This should potentially allow third-party accessory manufacturers to offer alternative cushions too.

Source: Apple

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