The DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is finally out, right in time for those who want to venture into mobile video production during the pandemic.

DJI kept the majority of the specs and features of the Mobile 3 to the DJI Osmo Mobile 4. Although, it fixed one of the big issues that its predecessors have and pretty much all smartphone gimbals for that matter.

Mounting a smartphone on a stabilizer has always been a hassle. But now, DJI fixes that with the Osmo Mobile 4’s quick-release magnetic mount.

It comes in two mounting styles. There’s the Magnetic Phone Clamp that wraps around the device. But if you’re planning on using the OM 4 a lot, there’s a Magnetic Ring Holder that sticks permanently on the back of your phone. It even has a kickstand and a cool DJI branding to show off to your friends that you own an Osmo 4.

The Osmo 4 keeps the same, foldable form factor of the Osmo Mobile 3. But this time, it’s marginally smaller and lighter, since the mount is not directly attached to the main body. It goes without saying that it does 3-axis stabilization.

Moreover, the buttons are in the same location. The battery still last for 15-hours, which you can use to charge your smartphone via USB Type-C.

DJI also upgrade the motors so it can hold larger and heavier smartphones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the new Galaxy Note 20 series.

As for the software, the dolly zoom was replaced with Dynamic Zoom but works pretty much the same.

Spin Shot Gimbal Movement for a barrel roll effect, albeit it doesn’t do a full 260-degree spin. Clone Me Panorama is pretty self-explanatory.

The software also has improved people tracking and can tell children, adults, and pets apart. You’d be using the DJI Mimo app for it to work.


The DJI Osmo has an official price of USD149 (around Php7,200), which is USD20 more expensive than its predecessor. On the upside, they already included the new smartphone mounts in the box. Along with it are the grip tripod, storage pouch, power cable, and a wrist strap.

Its release details in the Philippines should be announced soon. So be on the lookout for that.

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