Following early leaks, luxury brand Gucci and Finnish health tech company Oura have finally spilled the beans regarding a new project—a smart ring that accurately gathers health data while simultaneously being trendy to wear.

The fourth product by Oura since conducting its initial Kickstarter campaign back in 2016 and the first between it and Gucci, the fancy smart finger accessory comes with a price tag of $950.

Generally built using premium materials, two major highlights of the Gucci X Oura Ring are the 18-karat yellow gold Gucci logo as well as the similarly 18-karat yellow gold braided torch ornamentation from the outer layers of the band.


Bearing almost the same functionality as a smartwatch, the collaborative project is capable of monitoring its wearer’s temperature, heart rate, sleep activity, and much more.

Benchmarks take place from the finger’s artery, which Oura argues provides a more accurate result than what sensors in a smartwatch would typically pick up from the wrist.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on this expensive smart ring may be able to do so via Gucci’s official website or select Gucci physical stores worldwide.

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