Converge ICT announces a faster FiberX 1500 plan as it permanently upgrades the service’s speed to 100Mbps—double the speed of the previous 50Mbps.

In an official Facebook post, the company made a surprising announcement, including all the pertinent details about the permanent upgrade.

“Ang FiberX Plan 1500, DOBLE NA!” the post claims.

Accompanying the public post is also an image containing further information about the news.


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Of note is the service’s average speed, which is expected to range somewhere between “30Mbps and 80Mbps” at “80% service reliability.”

That means that anyone who is currently subscribed to the plan right now would experience an increase in their download speed but with some minor fluctuations, considering the forecasted service reliability rate.

A dream come true to existing and will be FiberX 1500 subscribers, the increased bandwidth culminates from Converge ICT’s promise from 2021 of a faster internet speed once a certain threshold is met.

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