HTC Vive Pro Eye now available

Virtual reality and eye tracking technology combined

After being debuted back in January at the CES 2019, The HTC Vive Pro Eye can now be purchased in North America.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye features the latest in eye tracking technology and is setting a new standard for enterprise VR. Multiple companies from different industries are already using the Vive Pro Eye in their respective fields. For example: Training and Simulation, consumer feedback and analytics, gaze oriented navigation and many more!

The Vive Pro Eye was mainly developed for companies looking to train their employees or test new products but the VR Tech is much more than that. At the CES 2019, Major League Baseball or MLB debuted the eye tracking function of the Vive Pro Eye in their “MLB Home Run Derby VR” Game. This allowed the users full menu control without the use of a traditional controller.

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Another example where the Vive Pro Eye was used is the BMW M Virtual Experience. This allows potential customers to configure, explore and sit in a simulated BMW M5 in immersive virtual reality. Customers can also customize the car, be it the paint, wheels or even interior details. After customizing, the customers can even take it out for a “test drive”.

The possibilities with this technology is endless and it’s potential in the gaming industry is huge. Can you imagine playing games like Call of Duty and Forza in VR in the near future? This can also be used in a lot of businesses like in Real Estate, Museums and many others.


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