Having an active SSS account can be a cause of concern which requires conference from the agency itself to get addressed or sorted. Thanks to modern technology, this process is not just a direct person-to-person discussion and thus can be done remotely via phone calls and, more recently, sending text messages.

Undeniably, these are convenient ways in getting in touch with SSS whenever you have concerns with your account such as getting an up-to-date information about your contributions, loans, benefits, and other transactions.

SSS Hotline Number

Back in the day, the SSS Hotline Number is only accessible to remote members for around 16 hours in a day. But as the demand to keeping in touch with the agency may oftentimes gamut in a full day, the service was subsequently extended to a full 24 hours. Basically, this is a good thing, particularly on the client’s end.

To this day, the ability to connect with the agency via a phone call to the hotline number is still the fastest way to go about with concerns involving one’s SSS account. Phone calls to SSS Call Centers are open beginning 7:00 AM in Monday until 7:00 PM in Saturday.

That is just 6 days a week, you might ask?

Well, yes. But there is a good reason why there are three hotline numbers, all of which directly attributed to SSS—when interactions to one or few of the hotline numbers is not possible e.g. beyond working hours, including a day off and holidays, there is always one which will act as a substitute to handle the call.

Technically, while getting in touch with human customer representatives may be limited to less than 7 days a week, the service is nonetheless “non-stop”—thereby, “24/7”—as facilitated by smart technology.

SSS Trunkline Number(632) 920-6401
SSS Call Center Numbers920-6446 to 55
SSS Toll-Free Number1-800-10-2255777 (1-800-10-CALLSSS)

Part of the initial call would involve an identity validation process which will have you presenting your SSS Number. In case you are not aware of your own SSS Number and do not have a reference for it, other distinguishing information such as your first name, mother’s maiden name, and residency will also do.

IVRS Hotline Numbers

“IVRS” stands for Interactive Voice Response System which is an automated system with the task of aiding you with your SSS-related concerns. Some people may find the idea of speaking with a “computer” to be unnatural and less preferable than a real sentient person. But IVRS are in place for a good reason—in case when no human interaction is possible, the automated system will make for a viable substitute which guarantees favorable result.

Metro Manila917-7777
San Pablo562-9289

SSS International Toll-Free Numbers

SSS members who are currently from abroad can now directly reach the agency for their SSS-related concerns, thanks to the international toll-free numbers. As a caveat, however, only a handful of select countries from Asia, Middle-East, and Europe are supported for this call which are divided as follows:

Asia SSS Toll-Free Numbers

Hong Kong

Middle East SSS Phone Numbers

United Arab Emirates800-0630-0038
Saudi Arabia800-863-0022

Europe SSS Contact Numbers

United Kingdom

SSS SMS Inquiry

If you do not have an access to a landline to make a phone to any of SSS Hotline Numbers, you can now also get in contact with SSS using your mobile phone via texts.

However, unlike making a call to a toll-free number, going for a SMS route is not going to be free—specifically, you will be charged Php2.50 for every SMS you send as part of the transaction. This is significantly more expensive than your average casual SMS to family and friends.

To kickstart your SSS inquiry via SMS, simply text “SSS” (without the quotes) and send it to “2600.”

Initially, you will be prompted to register your SSS Number with your mobile phone.

This is done by sending a string of texts based on the format:

  • SSS REG <SSS Number> <Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY>
  • For example: SSS REG 9876543210 01/10/1980

If done correctly, you should be getting a reply from the number “2600” which provides you instruction on how to proceed with the steps, relative to your concern. The instruction is relatively streamlined and easy-to-follow.

For instance, if you have a concern regarding your contribution, you can simply text “SSS 1” (“1” being an indicator for “Contributions”) or go for something more elaborate as “SSS Contributions” to 2600.

  • SSS 1 to 2600
  • SSS Contributions to 2600

To reiterate, every SMS transaction you make via this path will costs you P2.50 from your existing pre-paid load. You would do your best to have a sufficient amount of prepaid load beforehand and try to keep your transactions to be as short, but thorough, as possible.

See also: SSS International Offices and Contact Numbers Abroad

SSS Website, Social Media Accounts, and Email

Want to maintain connection with SSS to get up-to-date with the latest happening and news or simply for future consideration?

You may want to add the following website, social media channels, and email as part of your contact list:

SSS Email Addressmember_relations@sss.gov.ph
SSS Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/SSSPh
SSS Twitterhttps://twitter.com/phlsss
SSS YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/MySSSPhilippines
SSS Websitehttps://www.sss.gov.ph

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  1. I have been given by former employer an SS number thirty years ago, but since I had retired after I was not able to know if my SS is still active or not. If so, is there a possibility of changing it to voluntary even if I would be a senior citizen soon. Thank you

  2. I would like to know if my Social Security Number has been compromised.
    I was renting a car at the New Orleans airport and was denied because my SS number was not accepted.
    I am not sure why.

  3. Kindly help me to registered in enrolment account disbursement. Its always rejected and try again later even provided all necessary information. I am using my phone to registered, thank you