Three days after its initial release, Rovio announced via twitter that the popular Angry Birds game variant did it again. The newly released Angry Birds Space by Rovio hits the 10 million mark milestone in less than a week. This sudden surge in downloads shows that Angry Birds has a huge amount of avid gamers that waits for updates of the game.


The Angry Birds Space gives the classic Angry Birds feel but this time there is a big twist. Since it is in outer space, it means that you will have to deal with gravity making it harder to kill the pigs but with the proper technique, you will soon find it more enjoyable than its ancestors. Surely enough, this will strike the heart of millions of gamers because it is now loaded with more features bringing you the perfect way to overcome boredom or release stress.

The Angry Birds Space game can be played in Android, iOS, PC and Mac. Furthermore, the developers, plans to release four other versions of the game this year so be sure to watch out. To download this game, you can simply search for it in your respective app stores. Enjoy!

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