Together with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Korean Giant also revealed some accessories that could be used on the device to make it even more interesting. But what’s so special about the Game Pad? Well, aside from being an X-Box-like gaming controller, it hints the display size of the upcoming Galaxy Note 3.

The Game Pad is supposed to handle the gaming on the Galaxy S4 (and other Samsung handsets) easier and of course, to cater the gamers who are fond of using physical buttons instead of using touchscreen. Being a fan of the Playstation console family, I grew up playing their games with the typical controllers. I didn’t mind the transition to touchscreen-based games, but I must admit that there are times that I find it hard to play them because the controls are hit and miss despite being used to the screen.

It’s really interesting to have an official Game Pad for a flagship device because the competition is really tight these days so having an extra perk is always an advantage. Also, this will ease out any difficulties you might have.  We should also note that according to the image above, it’ll work on smartphones with 4-inches and up to 6.3-inches of display so it’ll not be limited to the Galaxy S4. While there are other alternatives to this one, we still expect this to sell well if Samsung will do something special about it.

Wait, what? Samsung doesn’t have a smartphone with 6.3-inches display yet. Is this a coincidence? No, it’s not. Designing this type of accessory goes through a meticulous process so that means the controller’s adjustable clamp can scale up to 6.3-inches for a good reason. Whether it’s the Galaxy Note 3 or another device, only time can tell as Samsung will not confirm nor deny this rumor. But, we’re pretty confident that it’s the successor of the Galaxy Note 2 (read the review here).

If we’ll base the announcement of the Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be on display at  IFA in Berlin this summer. So far, this rumor coincides with earlier rumors of a bigger Note. What do you guys think about a 6.3-inch phablet? Is it too big for you?


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