OnePlus unveiled a special concept version of its current flagship at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

As the name suggests, the OnePlus 11 Concept is a lot like the standard 11, but with several improvements on the surface and under the hood.


Dubbed as Active CryoFlux, this new game-changing cooling technology can help reduce a device’s temperature by up to 2.1℃. This helps improve the processor’s performance, which can result into an increase of 3 to 4 frames per second while gaming.

In addition, this advanced cooling tech also has benefits on charging. Charging a device at high speeds usually generate a lot of heat. But with OnePlus’ Active CryoFlux cooling technology, it can lower the liquid temperatures by up to 1.6℃ and help charging time become up to 30 to 45 seconds faster.


According to OnePlus, they essentially “miniaturized” the cooling capabilities found on gaming PCs into a smartphone. Active CryoFlux uses industrial-grade ceramic piezoelectric micropumps in the center that are sandwiched by pipelines. Underneath the glass is carbon fiber with a cutout, which gives an inside look at the pipes where the liquid circulates to help keep the device cool.


The blue color liquid and light, which can also be seen on the camera glass, really give that ice-cold look and feel.

OnePlus is yet to announce if a market-ready version of the OnePlus 11 Concept will be available soon.

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