Are you scared of washing clothes when it rains because of the dreaded “amoy kulob” that comes with the insufficient drying of clothes due to the damp weather? With Cherry Home’s latest new offering, the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer, you would not.

Making the drying of clothes plausible indoors, specifically in a closed space, the Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer is the perfect drying solution for freshly wash clothes during the wet season. 

Featuring 360 degrees of heat, the Clothes Dryer creates an environment similar to the outdoors under the direct heat of the sun—a far better effective solution than mere exposure to free-flowing wind or air.


But merely eradicating unnecessary water from the clothing is not enough, it has to be also free from unwanted odor-causing germs and bacteria, too. For this reason, the ionizer, emitted at up to 5 million/cm3 negative ions, that comes with the Clothes Dryer becomes the central highlight as far as keeping the freshly washed fabric immaculate, especially from the unseen.

For a price tag of Php3,500, you can now keep your damped hanging clothes in your room and still be able to wear them later.

The Cherry Clothes Dryer with Ionizer is now available at the Cherry Shop PH.

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