Mobile’s most popular MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and science fiction’s most prominent franchise, Star Wars, started a collaboration. The partnership brought out the Master Yoda Cyclops and Darth Vader Argus on July 10, 2021, setting Phase 1 of the tie-up.

Phase 2 kicked off several months later, in December 2021, when a new Star Wars skin was released with Alucard Obi-Wan Kenobi. But the collaboration did not seem to end there as Phase 3 officially began, continuing where it left off.

EventMobile Legends Skins
Phase 1Darth Vader Argus
Master Yoda Cyclops
Phase 2Obi-Wan Kenobi Alucard
Phase 3First Order Jet Trooper Kimmy
Angelic Agent Lesley Legends

From July 16 to August 15, 2022, the third phase of the MLBB-Star Wars collab will take place. The event highlights not only the inclusion of previously released special skins but also the addition of two new ones—First Order Jet Trooper Kimmy and the ultra-rare Angelic Agent Lesley Legends.

One of the main features of the upcoming event is the rollout of a gacha system that rewards participating players with random rewards and a variable amount of Galactic Credits using Diamonds or Galactic Tickets for admission. Pre-register and log in on July 23, however, and the player will be granted free Galactic Tickets upon accomplishing certain in-game objectives.


Players who gamble will have a marginal chance (0.01 percent) of getting a random Star Wars skin but earn enough Galactic Credits and it can be exchanged for the special skin with certainty. Specifically, it takes 700 Galactic Credits for the guaranteed exchange. However, those looking to get Angelic Agent Lesley skin will want to save 1,000 Galactic Credits for the trade.

However, a single pull costs 100 Diamonds, if not using Galactic Tickets. Even so, the overall cost of joining the event can become costly after many pulls.

Here’s the percentage of your chance getting the Star Wars X Mobile Legends rewards.

  • In-game items — 77.53%
  • Normal Skins — 14.9%
  • Special Skins — 5.91%
  • Epic Skins — 1.64%
  • Even Exclusive Skins — 0.01%

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