One of the most asked questions in the realm of mobile gaming is how to get the free skins from Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle game wherein its goal is to destroy the enemy base while also protecting the player’s base. The team is composed of five members with each using a unique hero. The players can be randomly selected by the game, which means that the team can also have players from outside the country.

In the aspect of the heroes, Mobile Legends have different heroes wherein users can alter their appearance. Each skin has its own different model as well as art. Some often get many effects which include animations, voice overs, and even sound effects. Mostly this includes some painted skin which can add new color palettes to the existing skin.


Usually, the skins are purchased by exchanging diamonds in the official Mobile Legends store inside the app. The prices differ over time as Mobile Legends also provide discounts and sales. More so, some skins are too limited that they can only be accessible for a limited time. However, there are tricks to having these skins.

The big question for many users who would like to try new skins is: where do I get some Free Mobile Legends skins? These are some of the ways to get free skins.


Lucky Spin

This is one of the best and most common ways to get Free Hero skins. The lucky spin is able to give the players a chance to win Heroes and Skins through a raffle draw, spending 5 Mobile Legends tickets for 1 draw or 100 Mobile Legends tickets for 5 draws.

The rewards will be refreshed on a weekly basis and the heroes and skins would be refreshed once every two weeks.

In addition to this, there is also a ‘free chance’ which refreshes every two days or 48 hours. If the player already has a skin that they already own it will then be converted into special skin fragments. However, even if the player already has the skins, the heroes would not be unlocked. There is still a need to unlock the heroes for the skins to be obtained.

Collecting ML Skin Fragments or Shopping in the Fragments Shop

There are also many skin fragments when playing Mobile Legends. Players can get this by special events through the Lucky Spin and the Daily Login Rewards and completion of the mission. Different skins require a specific number of fragments, depending on how rare they are.


These new skins will be added from time to time to show that the player will be able to save the fragments and wait for the preferred skin to become available in the store.

In essence, the fragment shop is a store wherein the players could buy a limited number of skins and heroes using the fragments. These fragments can be collected through the means of always logging in to collect rewards, or playing a game and completing several missions from Mobile Legends.

Daily Login Rewards

Players that are consistent and play Mobile Legends on a regular basis will receive a large amount of in-game points from the Daily Login. The daily login comprises trial skin cards as well as skin fragments, which users may use to purchase skins within the fragment shop if they have accumulated enough.

The awards can also be obtained by completing the daily missions, which are available to all players. At 05:00:000 server time, the daily quest is reset every day.

Joining ML Special Events


Moonton, the company that created the Mobile Legends video game, often hosts events with various rewards, including free permanent Mobile Legends skins. It goes without saying that players must regularly enter into the platform and monitor Mobile Legends’ social media accounts in order to stay on top of the newest events.

There is a multitude of events in Mobile Legends that provide players with free skins to choose from. A great example is the Nostalgia event, which rewards participants with a permanent skin when they complete the required requirements for the event.

Mobile Legends rarely loses out on activities to partake in that are both entertaining and exciting. As a result, players need to remember to check the events tab on a daily basis.


Season Rewards

In Mobile Legends, climbing the ranking ladder is another method of earning free cosmetic items. Every season, players who have earned the level of Master or above will be awarded with a unique skin. They are permanent and could only be obtained during the same season in which they were obtained. This is ideal if players want to acquire skins that are only available for a limited period.

Live Streaming

On a regular basis, Moonton and many other Mobile Legends broadcasters will hold live streaming events in which the audience will also have the opportunity to win free ML skins. The Live tab in the main lobby allows you to see who is presently live broadcasting and what they are doing. To participate, players will only need to watch their broadcasts using the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang client and await their freebies.


Free Giveaways from the Mobile Legends Community

One of the communities created by Moonton to organize small-scale competitions and maybe even giveaways for ML gamers. It is indeed important to subscribe and join this community in order to stay up to date on their giveaways and competitions in order to obtain free Mobile Legends skins.

Knowing these new tricks to get free skins in Mobile Legends, what would you like to try? Enjoy your Mobile Legends gaming experience with these skins as you customize the appearance of your favorite heroes.

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  1. For the Lucky Spin part, you can also take note of the Lucky Gem. If you get 40 Lucky Gems, you buy a new skin as well. It has been Sun and JS only for the longest time. I hope that they change it to new heroes soon.