Moonton has announced that the Mobile Legends x Transformers collaboration is back, with three new skins ready to cause havoc in the Land of Dawn.

The MLBB event began on May 24, coinciding with the release of patch 1.6.84. It also includes a new Battle for Energon event, in which players can earn borders, permanent heroes, and Transformer Pass just by performing certain tasks.

Similar to the King of Fighters partnership last year, players can get these skins through a special bingo event. Every draw requires a certain amount of diamonds, and completing 10 draws unlocks a random bingo board component.

Roger Grimlock, Aldous Starscream, and Popol and Kupa Soundwave and Ravage are the three new skins available at MLBB. In the first part of the event, there were Optimus Prime Johnson, Megatron Granger, and Bumblebee X.Borg.

If you light 3 bingo pieces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you’ll get a Transformers or Epic skin. Getting a Transformers skin may take considerable time and tons of diamonds, so Moonton promised that gamers would acquire Grimlock Roger inside the first 10 draws.

You may also acquire a free Transformers pass by registering on the events tab, which can be used to enter the draw. It’s available starting today, May 28 until June 5, 2022.

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