There is a menace that comes with having mosquitoes around. Not only do these pesky insects bite with undeniable discomfort, but they are also a source of potentially deadly sickness, too, like dengue and malaria. They say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure—well, when it comes to these blood-sucking critters, it pays to not have them around, which is possible with the CHERRY Folding Electric Mosquito Killer.

The CHERRY mosquito swatter works in two ways—attract mosquitoes with its illuminating LED light and kill the mosquitoes by zapping them with a sufficiently potent current.

CHERRY is also making its bug zapper more versatile in that it can be used in one of three ways—normally, as with a tennis racket; hanging, which is the folding electric mosquito killer in an upside-down position; and standing, which is the folding electric mosquito killer standing in an erect position. Everything as it does its job of attracting flying insects for the kill.

Designed to be lightweight but durable, it can be easily carried outdoors in various settings. It can be as close as the inside home, the backyard, or someplace farther as the wilderness or wherever whenever you go camping.

For only Php500, you ensure the safety of yourself and your family from mosquitoes with the CHERRY Folding Electric Mosquito Killer. It is now available in CHERRY’s official store on Shopee, Lazada, and the CHERRY Shop PH.

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