Agility Robotics, a leading robotics company, is set to open a groundbreaking humanoid robot factory in Salem, Oregon. This state-of-the-art facility, known as the RoboFab, will mass produce a line of humanoid robots called Digit.

Digit is designed to function as a robotic co-worker and is capable of maneuvering around factories and warehouses. Equipped with two arms and two legs, Digit can freely navigate various environments, including climbing stairs and accessing tight spaces. The innovative design ensures balance and flexibility, enabling the robot to operate effectively alongside human workers.

With an annual production capacity of up to 10,000 units, the factory is expected to employ over 500 individuals to help build it.

The 70,000-square-foot RoboFab is the first factory of its kind, marking a significant milestone for Agility Robotics. The company’s CEO, Damion Shelton, states that the facility will undergo a phased ramp-up process, with the installation and testing of the initial production lines being the current focus.

Agility Robotics secured funding from prominent venture capital investors, including Playground Global, and DCVC. By completing the production prototype and launching the factory, Agility Robotics has surpassed competitors like Tesla’s Optimus initiative. The company’s strategic approach positions it as a leader in the humanoid robot manufacturing space.

Digit’s robust capabilities make it an ideal solution for tasks such as lifting, sorting, and material handling. The robot’s rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide power, while its claw-like hands with five fingers enable it to perform a multitude of tasks. Unlike robots with highly complex hand structures, Digit maintains simplicity to optimize functionality and efficiency.


Agility Robotics plans to utilize Digit within its own factory operations, allowing the robots to transport materials and aid in sorting and distribution. The company intends to prioritize its preferred partners for robot deployment next year, with a focus on selling rather than renting or leasing the systems.

Addressing concerns about automation replacing human jobs, Shelton believes that Digit will help logistics and manufacturing businesses meet increasing demands. With recruitment challenges and an aging workforce, the robot’s introduction could alleviate labor shortages and fill millions of unmet roles. In addition, Agility Robotics has prioritized safety and autonomy in the design of its humanoid robots, ensuring that they can function as reliable and cooperative robotic co-workers.


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