Dyson wants to be more than just the household name for vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and bladeless fans. The company revealed at the 39th IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia robot prototypes that could someday be your household helper.

With a goal of bringing them to homes within the next ten years, Dyson has been working on autonomous robots with vision processing capabilities and mechanical attachments that function like a human hand.

You can see the prototype robots in action in the video below, with the company founder and chief engineer James Dyson himself giving the tour of one of their R&D buildings for robotics in the UK.

From handling plates to vacuuming an armchair, the feats shown by the robots are impressive. One robot also demonstrated its artificial intelligence and motor skills to identify, pick up and organize scattered children’s toys.

The English inventor also has a foundation that awards young designers for their innovative solutions to everyday and global challenges.

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