TNT has introduced TikTok Saya 50, an economical offer designed to make accessing TikTok more affordable for Filipinos.

This new promo is perfect for Filipinos who use TikTok to create and watch short-form videos. These videos range from song and dance covers to fun skits, budol finds, life hacks, and various other content types.

As of January 2024, Spiralytics said that there are around 49 million active Filipino TikTok users in the Philippines. Furthermore, almost 70% of Pinoys aged 16 to 64 said that TikTok is the social media platform where they spend the most time.

But it’s not just unlimited TikTok access with TikTok Saya 50. Priced at only Php50, this new package includes unlimited TikTok access, 3 GB of open data for other apps and websites, and unlimited texts to Smart, Globe, TM, and GOMO, valid and consumable for 3 days.

To register for TikTok Saya 50, customers can log into the Smart App or dial *123#. The offer is also available at the Smart Online Store, sari-sari stores, or through mobile wallets like Maya and GCash.

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