The summer season is almost upon us. Now is the time to beef up cooling in your home. If you already have an air conditioner but it’s just not enough, then you might want to get an Air Circulation Fan from Cherry Home.

As the name suggests, the Cherry Home Air Circulation Fan essentially helps distribute the cold air better in your room. This is beneficial in large rooms with air conditioners having a hard time filling up the area with cold air.



These types of appliances were designed to mix and move cold and hot layers of air in an entire room. The fan comes with 3 blades, a remote control for easy operation, 3 levels of fan speed, low noise operation, and also comes with a timer.


At 2.5kg, it is also pretty lightweight as it uses PP plastic housing and a pure copper motor. It has 35W power, up to 6 meters of wind distance, 8 meters of remote control distance, automatic horizontal oscillation, and mechanical up-and-down oscillation.

The Cherry Home Air Circulation Fan has a price of Php2,299 and is available at the Cherry Shop website, Shopee, Laada, GLife on GCash, and the Cherry PH Viber community.

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