Smart bulbs are cool and all, but many are sold at luxury prices that deter interested users from improving their home automation with internet-capable LED light bulbs. But with the Cherry Home Smart Multi-color Bulb, you can level up your home lighting for only Php285.

In their press release, Cherry claims this 11-watt smart bulb is designed to outdo the average light bulb, as it works as an Internet of things device that you can control with a free downloadable app. The brightness level can be adjusted from 1% to 99%, producing up to 806 lumens of brightness. The color can also be customized with 16 million different choices available. The lights can be synced to music, too.

For added convenience, the Cherry Home Smart Multi-color Bulb works well with Google Home and Amazon Echo/Alexa, which means the smart bulb can be controlled via voice command. Weighing 120g, the smart bulb has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, energy saver functions, and an on/off scheduler.

The Cherry Home Smart Multi-color Bulb is available online at the Cherry Shop for only Php285. Besides the smart bulb, Cherry also sells other devices for the smart home, such as cameras, air purifiers, weighing scales, and hydroponic plant boxes.

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