Ever find yourself having your hands full in front of the computer that simply lifting your smartphone to check on notifications seems like a cumbersome task? Well, with Intel’s Unison app, you can now use your PC as if it is your smartphone.

Intel just recently announced the launch of an app that it claims will “seamlessly” connect either your Android or iOS devices with your computer, which it calls Unison.

Following a “simple pairing process,” a smart device paired with the PC will enable the latter to imitate the former’s four essential features—namely, the ability to receive and make calls; the ability to move around photos and files; the functionality to receive and send texts; as well as the ability to receive and, to a certain extent, respond to notifications.


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All of the aforementioned processes the PC can mimic while running, or otherwise will push a notification to the Windows notification if it is closed.

Intel’s VP of Mobile Innovation John Newman claims that while there may be “subtle differences” in the encounter between Android and iOS, all the core functionalities will be the same.

Source: The Verge

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