Google Fiber is teasing a massive upgrade to its base internet service.

Apparently, the base Google Fiber plan is going to be 20x faster. This means that subscribers could get up to 20GBps of internet speed.

The report came after Google Fiber CEO Dinni Jain mentioned in a blog post last Tuesday that they are testing 20Gbps bandwidth speeds in Kansas City. A place they’ve been serving over the past 10 years.

“This month, we took our testing out of the lab and into the home, starting with our first trusted tester, Nick Saporito, the Head of Commercial Strategy for GFiber,” Jain said, while also showing a speed test boasting that the test was able to reach 20.2Gbps download speeds.


Currently, Google Fiber currently offers 1Gbps and 2Gbps of speeds. Now, the CEO said that they are “already closer than you might think” to provide higher speeds.

The 1Gbps plan costs USD70 (around Php4,100) while the 2GBps is at USD100 (around Php5,900). This makes us wonder how expensive a 20Gbps plan will be.

However, the CEO did say that  “Just being fast (even the fastest) is not enough. It’s about all the aspects of providing multi-gig service to customers: pricing; value; simplicity and reliability of the product.”

What’s more, Google Fiber is aiming to expand in five more states in the US: Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, and Idaho. They also plan on improving their presence in the markets they are already in.

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