Lose the fear of running out of gas while in the middle of cooking when you have an electric-powered cooker, like the Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok—a more than convenient solution to preparing foods in a variety of styles at home.

Not necessarily reinventing the wheel but rather making use of common conventions, the Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok lets you cook foods of any choice—be it grilled, fried, stewed, steamed, or boiled—but without the stickiness that comes with typical cast-iron pans, thanks to its non-stick coating.

But it is not just diversity in the meals you could prepare that is solely the name of the game. Using this electric wok is also extra special for its fast (can be as fast as 5 seconds, depending on the volume) and consistent heating, saving you some precious time to make foods from scratch. This is an impressive feat considering the wok’s rather massive 4-liter capacity. 

Having prepared a meal might seem like your business with the electric wok is already done—not yet. Like any other cooking tool that gets messed up after every use, the Cherry electric wok requires cleaning; though, is fortunately made easy, thanks to its easy-to-clean superficial coat.

And lastly, while kitchen tools are generally meant for their use, the Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok’s aesthetic appeal makes for a perfect addition to any kitchen by embellishing the place with just its presence.

The Cherry Multi-Function Electric Wok is now available at the Cherry Shop PH for only Php2,499.

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  1. Wow, this one looks amazing and is easier to use. I’d really like to invest in one and see how it works. Thanks for sharing