As the Department of Information and Computer Technology (DICT) officially rolled out the ‘Broadband ng Masa’ program in the province of Antique, Secretary Ivan John Uy warns the public not to abuse the freely accessible Wi-Fi services.

The warning came as Uy discloses the free Wi-Fi services’ unlimited access which he claims could be a cause for restriction if abused. Particularly, by putting a cap on how much the free-flowing data can be utilized.

While the DICT secretary believes that upright citizens will never resort to improper use of the internet, he exemplifies online gamblers as among those they may have to safeguard internet use from.

A potential repercussion in case of identified abuse includes a limited number of hours of usage per individual per day or limited data allocation per day per individual.

In addition, Uy also said that porn sites and gambling sites will be blocked.

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