As the world goes back to normal, we have less time to do the chores we used to do when we were stuck at home. Fortunately, we have advanced household products like the new Dreame H12 Pro Vacuum, which offers a more flexible and convenient way of cleaning.

What’s more, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and gas money on going to the mall to purchase this product as the Dreame H12 Pro Vacuum has been launched on Shopee, allowing you to purchase and have it delivered to your home even with your busy schedule.


Getting this device really unlocks a lot of conveniences, especially if you always want your home, office, or any space extra clean but don’t have a lot of time to do it.

We checked it out ourselves to see what it is all about. So today, we’ll show you all the key features of the Dreame H12 Pro Vacuum.

What’s in the box?


A product as premium as the Dreame H12 Pro Vacuum comes with a lot of components and accessories in the box.

The package contains the main body itself, the attachable handle with buttons, the charging and cleaning base, one replacement filter, a spare brush roller, a cleaning solution, a cleaning brush, and a holder for said accessories that attaches to each side of the charging base.

Wet and Dry cleaning with large water tank


Did you spill your drink? Did you leave the window open while raining? The H12 Pro got you. Unlike traditional vacuums, this one can also act as a mop, so you can also clean liquids and wet dirt on the floor.

In addition, it has large 900ml and 500ml tanks for clean and dirty water, so can seamlessly clean dirt, grimes, and stains on the ground.


We really did enjoy this feature as we only needed one appliance to clean pretty much anything on the floor. Plus, thanks to its brush roller, it can be used on any surface: tiles, vinyl, and more. Unlike traditional vacuums that only work best on carpets.

Dual-edge cleaning

The H12 Pro vacuum has a dual-edge design that lets you effectively clean and scrub even hard-to-reach areas and corners.

As we were using it, we were able to easily reach the dirt that is below a table, bed, chairs, and more. Talk about flexibility.

Hot air self-drying


This advanced vacuum also comes with a charging base that also allows the mop to clean itself.

The said base blows hot air into the mop, so it dries faster, removes unpleasant odor, and more importantly, prevents bacteria build-up.


We appreciate this feature as the mop is completely dry when we use it again, avoiding the unnecessary mess on other surfaces.

Intelligent cleaning modes


The Dreame H12 Pro has three cleaning modes: Auto, Ultra, and Suction. What’s more, the vacuum can intelligently identify the intensity of the mess you’re trying to clean: Light Dirt, Medium Dirt, and Heavy Dirt.

It also comes with an LED screen and a ring light that surrounds it to show what cleaning mode are you in and the battery status. There are even voice prompts to let you know which mode you’re using.


The voice prompts really add an extra premium feel to the device. Plus, we don’t always have to bow down and see the status on the LED screen. It is also a nice accessibility feature for people with poor eyesight.


Probably one of the best things about the H12 Pro vacuum is that you can easily purchase it in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. This vacuum, as well as other appliances and household products, are all available on Shopee.

As you know, Shopee is known for value-oriented products at reasonable prices. Plus, each product is delivered straight to your home for extra convenience.


The Dreame H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum is available on the Dreame Official store on Shopee for a price of Php32,990.

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