In a tropical country like the Philippines, owning an air conditioner is a must, even more so today that we’re in the middle of the intense summer heat, and using a stand fan is often not enough.

But it’s no secret that a lot of Filipinos are holding back even if they’re dying to finally purchase an air conditioner. The main reason? Practicality and high electricity consumption.

Air conditioners, like most appliances, can be costly. But living in a country like the Philippines, there’s no denying that owning one can be a worthwhile investment. Especially if your family has switched to remote work and online learning, which results in spending more of their time at home.

Even if you actually managed to take one home, we know that you’d be constantly thinking twice to turn it on. Why? See, Filipinos are practical, and air conditioners are notorious for being energy-hungry resulting in high electric bills.

But what if we tell you that there’s an air conditioner that can address all those worries, so you can finally jump the gun and make that purchase with confidence?

Sit back and read on as we detail the benefits of owning the Everest 1.5HP Window-type Full DC inverter air conditioner.


Full DC Inverter for up to 60% energy savings

The 1.5HP Everest Window-type Inverter, along with the rest of the brand’s inverter series (1.0HP, 2.0HP, and 2.5HP), uses Full DC Inverter technology. This essentially means that both the fan and the compressor are inverters.

According to Everest, this technology made their Inverter line so efficient it lets you save up to 60% in power consumption. Now, you don’t have to think twice every time you want to turn it on and worry about outrageous electric bills at the end of the month.

Beat the heat by picking up the included remote, switching the Everest Inverter AC on, and be comfortable as you relax or do work at home.

5-star rating for being energy efficient


You don’t have to take our word for it. The Everest Inverter line is so power efficient it got a 5-star rating from the Department of Energy (DOE), which was just issued in 2022.

That’s the highest rating the energy department gives and as you know: the higher the rating, the higher the savings.

The rating was given under test conditions. According to the DOE, the 1.5HP Everest Window-type inverter has a cooling capacity of 3.66kW with a monthly energy consumption of 153.9kWh based on 9-hour daily usage.

R32 Refrigerant to help save the planet


The Everest Inverter Series uses an R32 Refrigerant, which the company claims uses up to 20% less refrigerant compared to other ACs in the market.

With that, it means that the AC is more efficient, thus lowering energy costs and carbon emissions that ultimately help save our planet.

An Air Filter to keep you healthy


The Everest Inverter Series comes with a Healthy Air Filter that can help protect you by preventing bacteria, germs, viruses, odor, and other contaminants from spreading through the air — protecting you and your family while you stay cool.

A product that lasts

A good product — especially if it’s a home appliance — is nothing without good after-sales service. Every Everest Inverter air conditioner sold will be with a 5-year warranty for the compressor and a 1-year warranty for parts and service.


To back them up, a lot of old and current Everest owners shared their experiences with their unit in the popular Facebook group Home Buddies.

One user said that they owned an Everest AC firsthand for 7 years then gave it away to a new owner who’s still using it for 3 years. Another user even compared her non-inverter Everest AC to an inverter unit from a popular brand and noticed that the former was better because it’s more energy efficient, cheaper, and can cool a room faster.

Finally, another user claims that after using their brand-new Everest AC for three weeks, from 9PM to 5PM daily, their electric bill only increased by around Php1,000.

These real-life customer feedback shows that Everest appliances are indeed reliable and last long.

Reasonable price and flexible options


Now, onto the most important part: the price. Owning a brand-new air conditioner doesn’t have to be challenging and expensive. This is why the 1.5HP Everest Window-type Inverter AC only costs Php31,990. That’s more than enough to cool a large bedroom, studio apartment, home office, etc. with ease. Plus, it is noticeably cheaper than what most brands offer.

If you have a smaller space, there’s also a 1.0HP version for Php26,990. But if you have a bigger one, there’s also a 2.0HP for Php40,190 and 2.5HP for Php42,490. All models offer similar cooling benefits and practicality.

Want to save even more money? Watch out for deals and sales to get Everest inverter air conditioners for a much cheaper price. As of writing, the 1.5HP Everest Window-Type Full DC inverter aircon is available at Lazada for a discounted price of only Php25,999.

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