The new OPPO Sweeping Robot N3, the brand’s latest robot vacuum cleaner, has been released in China. Home products like this from OPPO are yet to reach the Philippines and we’re hoping that soon they will.

Translated from its Chinese name, the OPPO Sweeping Robot N3 uses a pretty clever technology as it utilizes high-frequency sound wave vibration to mop your floor. It can also remove stains, as per the company.


This machine has a 4,000-pa suction power thanks to a new motor inside. It then has the said 12,000 high-frequency sonic vibration mopping per minute.

As for the sensors, it comes with a dTOF LiDAR that has a 10-meter scanning radius. This allows the machine to do accurate mapping of your home and has a construction area of up to 900 square meters.



OPPO also included its SLAM algorithm so users can intelligently plan cleaning routes that are based on the previous usage.


For a more detailed look, the Robot N3 has a freemove full-body induction system that consists of 31 sensors and more than 20 independent algorithms patented by OPPO.

You can control the product via the OPPO Smart Home companion app, where you can configure the settings, intensity and duration of cleaning, coverage, and more. The OPPO Sweeping Robot N3 has a price of CNY1,999 (around Php15,900) in China.

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