Another media giant in the Philippines joins the digital TV box game as TV5 introduces the Sulit TV.

The TV5 Sulit TV digital box comes out after ABS-CBN released the TVPlus and GMA with its Affordabox.


With the Sulit TV, you can watch ultra-clear digital channels from the media company. That includes One Sports, which is said to be the top sports channel in the Philippines. The brand’s news channel, One PH, is also available.

As the name suggests, Sulit TV joins the free-to-air broadcasting era by bringing Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) viewing experience to every Filipino.


Unlike your traditional TV antenna that can only receive analog channels, TV boxes like this will help your TV get digital channels, which brings a much clearer reception.

It also has unique features that your regular TV lacks. You can record shows, or play music or movies/TV shows on an external flash drive/hard drive via the USB port. They also included a couple of built-in games like Sudoku and Othello


Besides TV5 channels, it should also receive other free channels. Depending on where you are in the country, you can get up to 36 channels on this thing.

Weather it’s a flat screen TV or regular CRT, it should still work since it uses the traditional RCA cable to work. No HDMI needed.

How to use TV5 Sulit Box

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The TV5 Sulit TV has a price of Php890. Unlike cable or Netflix subscriptions, this is a one-time purchase and doesn’t come with monthly fees. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

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