In a world that is becoming more graphic and digital by the day, Adobe plans to further increase the reach of one of its most popular applications—Photoshop.

Already taking place in Canada, Adobe has launched the free version of the prominent graphics-editing tool, where users can access the app on the web via their free Adobe account.

Described by Adobe itself as “freemium” rather than a full-on free offering, the free-to-use version of the Photoshop web program will still feature contents that are locked behind a paywall or tools that are exclusive only to paying subscribers.


Sufficient tools will be part of the free access, though, which will render the free app usable still to those looking to experience it first before committing to more advanced functionalities.

Adobe’s move to offer Photoshop free began last October when the company released the application on the web, but only with barebones capabilities. More features were subsequently introduced as an integral component of the offering. Although, the overall extent of which nowhere compares to the full thing.

Source: The Verge

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