Giving old photographs a modern treatment was once a job done mainly by experts. But now Adobe is making many others have access to the feat as it launches Photoshop’s newest feature—the neural filter.

Currently in its beta, the neural filter treats archaic images by removing blemishes such as scratches, reducing noise, and even amending colorations.

Giving the audience a demo of the interesting functionality’s actual result, Adobe displayed a side-by-side comparison of two images of the same woman—one, an old, slightly crumpled photo, and another, a modified version of the previous.

The difference, as can be seen, is quite literally night and day.

Another showcase involves two pictures of the same young man whose amazing result puts color to an otherwise dull-looking photo, giving life and vividness to it.

Essentially an add-on to Adobe’s Photoshop program, the neural filter is a downloadable AI-powered functionality that automates the task of providing a better-quality image of old pictures.

While colors might be the primary concern, the neural filter is also capable of more radical things, such as modifying the subject’s facial expressions.

Source: PetaPixel

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