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In today’s age where storage capacity is becoming less of a concern, especially as an iPhone user, having to rummage through the device to delete unwanted files — particularly duplicates — to free up some space has become a rare habit.

But while duplicate images are hardly a concern for most people, there are shutterbugs out there who view their iPhone as the perfect tool for capturing tons and tons of images, even to a point of duplication. As a result, their device’s storage becomes almost too full, and a lot of those taken images require moving to a backup repository to free up space for more files.

If deleting the files is indeed the most logical solution, save yourself the time and trouble of manually deleting each photo by letting an application spot the duplicates for you to delete afterwards — Dr. Cleaner.


Dr. Cleaner is a free application you can easily download from the Apple Store. As an application aimed at decluttering an iOS-running device, this particular program is optimized to detect duplicated images which the user can manually opt to delete.

How to remove duplicate images on iOS

Step 1: Download and install Dr. Cleaner from the Apple Store.


Step 2: Launch the app once it is already installed. For first-time users, you will be prompted for permission to grant access to the photos. Grant it.

Step 3: Tap the Photos tab.


Step 4: Tap on the red button labeled “Start.”

Step 5: The app will scan all your photos. Once done, you will be presented with a list of thumbnails showing any duplicated images next to one another. Duplicated screenshots have a separate tab.


Step 6: You can validate whether one image is a direct copy of the other by clicking on the images.

Step 7: There’s a circle icon in every image which you can mark in order to do batch deletion of the duplicated pictures.


Step 8: Once all unwanted copies are already marked, tap the button labeled “Clean” to initiate the cleaning process.

As a caveat, however, Dr. Cleaner app is definitely not perfect. While it is handy for the most part, there is still that small margin of error which might let users delete similar-looking images if not taken at a closer look. So if you’re deleting stuff, make sure to go over them meticulously to avoid getting rid of important files.

That’s it. Deleting duplicate photos on both the iPhone and iPad is fairly easy with the help of an app. Doing it manually would take a long time, so this software is a great time-saver for those who just want to go over the files quickly. As always, feel free to comment if you have questions or problems regarding this tutorial.

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