Having multiple lenses in your front and rear phone cameras doesn’t guarantee that you can produce a DSLR-like bokeh blur effect on your photos. A crisp portrait photo has always been the rage for a perfect shot on your Instagram and Facebook images, but it can’t be easily achieved. But with photo editing apps, you can still improve your photos even after the shot was taken.

The blur effect is really popular especially for a lot of Android smartphone users. In fact, it’s proven by the dozens of apps that are available on the Google Play Store to help you make that perfect ‘bokeh’ blur effect you are looking for.

The problem is that you don’t know which to choose among the many. We have compiled the 5 of the photo editing apps we’ve tested which you can use to create amazing blur and bokeh effects that you have been dreaming of.

#1 Snapseed


As one of the most recommended apps with the ‘bokeh’ blur effect for beginners, Snapseed offers 29 filtering tools, transitions, and effects. It boasts a feature known as the ‘Lens Blur’ for the primary blurring feature with an easy to toggle scroll for experimentation with the fittest effects for that one shot you wanted to take to the next level. Lastly, it is offered for free for all Android and iOS users.

Download Snapseed: Android | iOS

#2 PicsArt


Everyone has surely heard about PicsArt as it is reportedly one of the most common photo editing apps in almost all Android smartphones across the globe. It comes with dozens of premium features offered at no extra cost. The blur options for the camera include the Motion, Smart, normal, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, it can also correct some minor errors in the photo automatically.

Download PicsArt: Android | iOS

#3 Focos


Having fun while editing the app for that perfect ‘bokeh’ wonderful shot has never been this good with the Focos effects app. To start editing the photo, you will be given a circle where you can choose the area for focus. After manually assigning the area, you will be given a dropdown of selection for blur transitions and effects. Simply choose the filter after you place the right amount of blur.

Download Focos: iOS

#4 DSLR Blur Image


Specifically made for applying blur effects on portrait shots, the DSLR Blur Image app is sometimes used by pro photo editors during their post-production. To precisely create that perfect ‘bokeh’ blur effect, the app will make you use of a magnifying glass and built-in brush to precisely apply the blur and sharpen each area respectively. You can even share your edited photos directly on your social media accounts in one click.

Download DSLR Blur Image: Android

#5 Point Blur


If you wish to pick for a photo editing app just to blur a tiny portion of your image, Point Blur provides an easy-to-use ‘bokeh’ effect within just a minute or two. The brush size should be carefully adjusted depending on your particular needs just like a DSLR. There are also levels of blur from light to intense that best suits a specific shot. You can easily save it on your device and share it with your friends on different platforms.

Download Point Blur: Android

That’s it! Did we miss anything? If you have any photo editing app recommendations, let us know in the comments section below.

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